We are slowly renewing our corporate image. The process began with a new logo. The new logo, like the old one, is made out of two parts. The first part of the logo is the text “IP Mundi”; whilst the second part portrays a stylised image of a globe. This stylised image reflects our name, “Mundi”, i.e. the world, and aims to communicate two things.

The first reason is that in today’s world intellectual property is very much a “global” asset. We are now living in a globalised economy where anyone, via a simple internet connection, has access to companies and businesses all over the globe. These companies and businesses are therefore exposed to a global audience rather than the local community in which they are based and operate. A logo and a website is now a worldwide visiting card, introducing the company’s brand and ethos to people found anywhere on the planet.

This relates to the second reason why we have “Mundi” in our name and why it finds itself in our new logo. Conscious of the importance of protecting one’s intellectual property in different markets, by means of our trusted partners we aim to provide an exhaustive global coverage for the registration and protection of intellectual property, aiming to give you a better service and peace of mind.

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