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Cybersquatting Check

Cybersquatting or domain squatting is the practice of registering names, especially well-known company or brand names, as Internet domains (i.e. urls, such as the examples in the blue box), in the hope of reselling them to the rightful owner of that brand name at a profit.

IP Mundi understands the importance of your domain name, which often reflects your trademark. Therefore IP Mundi is proud to be the first firm to offer the service enabling you to fight domain “squatting”.

Our sophisticated software searches for domain names which infringe your trademark. We will then inform you immediately about this infringement in order to file an objection.

Examples of Cybersquatting urls: [cybersquat] versus [good] [cybersquat] versus [good] [cybersquat]  versus [good]

Examples of typosquatting: [typosquat] versus [good]

Trade mark watch

This is similar to cybersquatting, but rather than registering a domain, i.e. a url, the fraudster tries to actually register a trade mark. This would be a trade mark which is very similar to yours, simply to create confusion.

Once your trademark has been successfully registered, we’ll provide you with a trademark watch service. This service will detect any trademark registration applications which are similar to your registered trademark. This would then allow us to file an immediate opposition to the proposed registration in the period allowed by law to do so.

adidas or abibas?

A typical example of someone trying to imitate a trade mark.

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