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Branding is not something new. It’s existed for a long time. One of the clearest examples of how old and important branding is can be found in this painting of Manet. This picture, painted in 1881-82, contains products of Bass Beer, a pioneer of branding. Its logo is a simple red triangle and is clearly visible in the painting. If you enlarge the image of the painting found on this website so as to see the full painting, you will be able to observe two bottles of Bass beer with the red logo. One can be found on her right (with the logo partly hidden) and one to her left.

Our services include

  • Branding (includes logo design). We can help you with a name if you need one.
  • Creation of a brand identity (the message you want to communicate to your clients / customers).
  • Brand guidelines: a document that codifies your company will present itself to the world.
  • Social content (depending on the type of brand being created)
  • Campaign development

We offer packages which include one or more of the above services. Contact us for a tailored packed made just for you.

Brand Identity Trademarking Online

Why is branding so important?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. It goes beyond identifying who you are. It also portrays an image of you to your potential customers.

Most people think a logo and branding is simply a way of identifying a product. So, similarly like the name of a person, a logo identifies your product as being yours.

However, whilst a name does not signify anything about your character, but is just a manner of identifying you amongst your contemporaries, a brand does more than that. It not only identifies you, but provides people with a message about you. This is what brand identity and brand image is all about. It is the set of features and ideas that customers think about when they see a particular logo or brand.

So, for example, one associates apple not only as a brand which produces electronic products, but also a lifestyle brand. Apple products are cool and high-end products which reflect on the owner. Apple’s logo has also changed with time to reflect this image.

Remember Google’s famous motto “Don’t be evil”? This is a very clear branding exercise portraying Google as a good, benevolent technology company.

This is why branding and brand identity are so important. It takes years to build them and they do more than identify your products and your company. They are an extension of the aura you wish to build around your company.

Register Trademark for Your Brand

Register Trademark for Your Brand to protect the distinct identity of your logo, slogan, and brand. IP Mundi is a leading firm for online TM registration anywhere in Malta.

Obtaining a Brand Identity Trademarking Online for your business is a significant step that will help you protect your brand identification against infringement or theft. Registering a trademark is a no-frills strategy that may be finalized in just a few easy steps.

Building a brand takes a lot of time and effort and a lot of money. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that you possess the Trademark of a Brand Name in Malta to protect the business.

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